Our Bodies Need Constant Hydration. Not Just Water, But Clean Drinking Water

Drinking more water is a popular choice to go on the New Year’s Resolutions list. But like many resolutions, keeping your daily water intake at this level becomes a chore, and it loses priority. Not to mention our society is inundated with beverage options; many are delicious and tempting but actually deplete your body of fluids instead of hydrating you.


Impurities in drinking water can also be a hidden culprit that can dehydrate you or prevent your water from properly hydrating you. Achieve water in your home that is ready to do its job while being clean and tasting great. Come to us at Home Makeover Systems rather than searching, “water treatment Orlando.” Our location in Longwood not only provides an entire water treatment service, but the products are made right here in Florida!


Feel Better All Day From Water Treatment Orlando

Not drinking enough water, or consistently drinking fluids that contain dehydrating properties, will negatively affect your short-term and long-term. Your body will not operate properly. If you experience these things, your body could be calling out to you for more water!


  • Infrequent trips to the bathroom
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Constant dry mouth
  • Feeling like you cannot wake up even after a full night’s rest
  • Headache, even after taking aspirin or having caffeine.
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness.


These signs of dehydration and they make for a very uncomfortable day that can be easily fixed by drinking a glass of water (or two.)


Drinking lots of coffee (which we are guilty of) and other caffeinated beverages rapidly dehydrate you. Still, you won’t always feel it urgently, like you do when you grow thirsty from physical exercise or sweating a lot. The same goes for alcohol. No matter what beverage you are sipping on, consider keeping a 1:1 ratio. That is one sip of water for every sip of something else. 


Going to the Bathroom Beats Going To The Doctor


Change viewing frequent bathroom visits as annoying — they are very, very good! It is how you expel waste and toxins. Drinking lots of water is a paramount component in any proper diet or weight loss program. 


But more important than maintaining your physique, maintaining adequate hydration levels prevents severe conditions. Drinking lots of water puts people at lower risk for developing painful kidney stones and irritating bladder infections. Acne and other dry skin conditions blemishing is an indicator of less-than-enough clean H2O in your body. We will save you the details here (you can look them up later), but there are several downsides to experiencing chronic constipation. But that’s something drinking a few extra glasses of the good stuff can help you with.


Recommended Daily Water Intake


If we are the first ones to tell you that your body is mostly composed of water, then quick! Check that your friends and family are drinking enough water! In all likelihood, you have probably heard of the 8×8 trick: a full eight ounces of water drank eight times during the day. Health professionals have been repeating it for decades, and we think we’ve even seen it on an episode or two of Sesame Street.


But 8×8 is just a benchmark, and health professionals will suggest different necessary quantities and strategies of drinking more. But this is not a precise figure for everyone. 


Learn to listen to your body, paying particular attention to the different thirst signals your body gives you. Learn what things in your lifestyle might require you to drink more water than others.


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