Water Softener Myths and Facts

Water softening is the process of removing inorganic compounds like magnesium and calcium from a water supply. Water softeners have several benefits but, talk to any experienced water treatment company, and they’ll tell you people often have misconceptions about the process. Get water treatment Orlando locals love and call us today. Home Makeover Systems has the knowledge and services you need to receive better quality water. 


Common Water Softener Myths

When softening water, you must use softening salts; this leads many people to believe that drinking soft water is like drinking saltwater. However, this is incorrect. Softening is an ion exchange process that requires salt as a catalyst. If done correctly, you should not taste any salt in softened water. While in that same vein of thinking, people often assume that soft water has an unhealthy amount of sodium. While the softening process does leave sodium in your water, it is undetectable and shouldn’t cause any adverse health effects. 


Another common misconception about water softeners is that it is only needed if your water comes from a well. People who use municipal water often believe that water softeners are not necessary for them. The truth is, however good your city is at water treatment, it is rarely perfect.


The Reason Any Water Treatment Company Will Recommend Water Softeners

Once you come to terms with the misconceptions surrounding soft water, it’s time to consider why water treatment companies recommend it. It’s not how much water softeners cost, it’s how much they can save you. Your water heater is a prime example. If you run a water heater on hard water, the residue will build up and decrease its efficiency and cause you to run the heater at a higher temperature, inevitably driving up your utility bills. Any appliance that uses water will see it’s longevity increased when using soft water. Though there may be a few water treatment companies around, you should choose to get the water treatment Orlando locals trust and contact us today!


Soft Water Benefits You Might Not Know About 

Before you make a decision on whether water softeners are right for you, consider these facts. First is that when you shower in hard water, you can strip your skin of its natural essential oils. Soft water, on the other hand, will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. Soft water also requires less cleaning detergents than hard water. Meaning you can clean your dishes with less soap and do your laundry with almost 50% less detergent. It may seem like a small thing, but over time you’ll see the color stop fading from your clothes and dishes becoming spotless with ease. 


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