What They Don’t Tell You: Purifying Your Tap Water

Are you drinking tap water without giving it any thought? Here at Home Makeover Systems, we provide information regarding tap water and the importance of purifying it. We also provide water treatment Orlando residents swear by, so you can rest assured that we are giving you good advice. You might think that tap water is perfectly safe to drink because it doesn’t look, taste, or smell weird. However, there are health risks when it comes to drinking some tap water. Studies have shown that there are pollutants in a lot of tap water and even small toxins in some cases. Purifying tap water is important because it removes elements that you would never expect to be drinking. Low levels of elements such as antacids, nicotine products, caffeine, heart drugs, and even antidepressants have been found in some tap water. With a water purifying system, you can make sure that you and your family are not consuming these harmful elements. Take our advice because we give the best water purification advice in Orlando!


Water Treatment Orlando Locals Love 

You are probably wondering more about the harmful elements that can be found in water. One of them is fluoride. An adequate amount of fluoride is beneficial for your teeth, but too much of it can cause poisoning, make you vomit, feel abdominal pain, feel nauseous, and other negative effects. Another is drugs from pharmacies and animal fluids such as feces and urine. There is not much of these in water but there are traceable amounts. Additives are also within water such as disinfectant and chlorine. Some scientists even go as far as to say that this causes bone diseases for some people. Radon, a radioactive substance can also be detected in some water. Another element is minerals which aren’t bad for you, but they make water hard instead of soft. Sometimes there is even mercury and lead in water. Of course, there are some organic elements in water which are not extremely harmful, but still unnecessary to drink. These include pesticides, dyes, and fertilizers.  


How Water Purifiers Work

Even though tap water and bottled water can be harmful, water purifiers make it much safer to drink. Here are some ways they do this: 

  • Medium absorbs pollutants 
  • Removes particles 
  • Carbon filters remove poor taste, chemicals, and smell 
  • Removes sediment 
  • Dissolves particles 
  • Removes toxins 
  • Kills viruses and bacteria 

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Secret To Staying Healthy 

You might believe that drinking water no matter what is healthy because it’s water. This is a common thought, but it’s important to realize how harmful water can be when it’s not purified. That is why we provide information about the dangers of drinking water that isn’t purified. It might be the secret to staying as healthy as possible. 


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