What Do Water Purifiers Filter?

Water filters can be highly effective at getting rid of an array of contaminants from water, but what water filters remove is dependent on the kind of filter you’reusing. There isn’t a single water filter that can get rid of everything from water, but by using a combination of treatment methods, you can achieve a filtration system that results in pure water. There are two kinds of water filtration systems: an “active” filter changes the contaminant in some way, then physically filters it out of the water. Physical filtration directly filters the contaminant out of water. Through a combination of these kinds of filters, you can get rid of pretty much anything from your water! Read on to learn more about what exactly water purifiers filter! Home Makeover Systems provides water filtration systems Orlando residents trust. Call Home Makeover Systems at our Longwood office for your water filtration needs today!


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Here are some of the things that water filtration systems get rid of:

  • Sand, silt, and sediment- The majority of purely physical water filters get rid of dirt, silt, sand, and sediment from your water. These filters comprise most water treatment systems, since large particles are able to easily damage more fragile water treatment devices such as reverse osmosis membranes. A backwashing filter or a cartridge filter can be used to filter seident, and even though every kind has a unique design, they all essentially work in the same way: Water flows into the filter and through some type of filtering media such as filtering sand or pleated polyester. The larger sediment particles are unable to pass through the filter, so they get trapped inside. Cleaner water then flows out.
  • Active or chemical filters- To get rid of chemicals and ions that are in your water, it’ll generally require some kind of active or chemical filter. “Chemical filter” is a slightly misleading term, since a lot of these systems don’t actually add anything to the water- the filtering media has been treated so that when it’s exposed to certain contaminants in untreated water, it results in a change in these contaminants. Once the contaminants have been changed, the filter can trap and hold them, taking  them out of the water supply. There are a range of active  filter types, from granular activated carbon to ion exchange, and each method works best for a specific water issue.


More Types Of Filtration Agents

  • Chlorine and chloramines- Chlorine is one of the most common chemicals that need to be filtered out. Municipal water treatment systems around the U.S. use chlorine and a similar chemical, chloramine, to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms. These chemicals are typically very effective as disinfectants, but they can remain long in the water supply. Chlorine can leave a bad taste and smell in water, and it can often cause skin irritation in people. Chloramine causes similar effects, and it can also kill fish and other marine animals. Different kinds of carbon water filters get rid of these disinfectants. 


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