Cherie Galantis Avatar
Cherie Galantis
9/22/2023 - Google
I moved into a new home and was contemplating a water softener system when Josh knocked on my door. What a pleasant person to discus the Brita Pro system with and set up my appointment for the following day. Wil Woodward came out and after a very informative, professional and testing of my water, I was sold that this was... read more
Dylan Jacoby Avatar
Dylan Jacoby
9/22/2023 - Google
Our salesman was super informative. Installation was fast. When we had problems they were fixed next day! Installers gave us the run down of the machine and a number to contact if we have problems. Great customer service. Highly recommended.
Judy McCracken Avatar
Judy McCracken
9/22/2023 - Google
My husband and I noticed an immediate difference in the taste of the water, the quality of water when showering, no water spots on inside of shower and washing machine. Andrew has and is providing excellent explanation of product and service.Highly recommend Brita Pro of Central Florida
Stephen Peacock Avatar
Stephen Peacock
9/20/2023 - Google
Although we did not purchase a system, we were impressed by the honesty and enthusiasm of Will Woodward. He did an excellent review of our water quality and why Brita could fix issues for a good price. His sales approach was not pushy in any way, just genuine and helpful. Thanks, Will. We appreciated your visit.
Jami Smith Avatar
Jami Smith
9/14/2023 - Google
Will Woodward is one in a million. Not only is he prompt at following through, he strives to provide the best customer service around. If you need assistance- ask for Will:)
Peter Nguyen Avatar
Peter Nguyen
9/14/2023 - Google
We moved from California to Florida. Our water there was definitely hard. And when we came here it was just as bad if not worse. Brita pro knocked at the door and offered to test our water. We almost said no bc we had a Rainsoft system yet to be hooked up . We didn’t realize all the bacteria that... read more
Chris Miller Avatar
Chris Miller
9/13/2023 - Google
Excellent sales presentation and installation. We love the water for showers, cleaning and especially drinking. Couldn’t be happier.
Fabiano Avatar
9/13/2023 - Google
Very glad we got Brita from sales to install was a breeze, and totally recommend Tim Scott, very professional and courteous.
9/12/2023 - Google
First, Diego was a very nice person. He had us sold when he said that my Harley wouldn't have any spots on it after washing it, and he didn't lie. Made my son's Mazda look amazing also. And my truck looks Great!.. We couldn't believe the difference. They washed and dryed with no spots. Yes, I recommend this to anyone.... read more
Cherish Burks Avatar
Cherish Burks
9/12/2023 - Google
We got our system installed a few months ago after we moved the Clermont area. The difference that we have seen in our water has been tremendous! Our clothes, hair, skin, literally everything is softer and the water taste fantastic. William Livingston is the best rep hands down and even came back to make sure our system was working perfectly.... read more
Patricia Walker Avatar
Patricia Walker
9/12/2023 - Google
Hey...... I have to say from the time he rang the door bell to the installation process, and the follow-ups that continue to happen more than a year later !!!! Will Livingston is the most attentive professional That the family has engaged with since moving to Florida!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!
Vanessa Leeson Avatar
Vanessa Leeson
9/11/2023 - Google
We moved from Virginia to Palm Bay. We noticed a difference in the water changing regions of the counry right away .. my hair went frizzy and my skin and families skin started becoming more itchy and dry .. Brita pro knocked at my door and set an appointment. William Livingston came to represent Brita and what a fantastic job... read more
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