Tips to a Long Lasting Exterior Paint

Maintaining a well-cared house exterior critically relies on the selection of the painting applied and the expertise of the services hired for the job. With Home Makeover Systems, central Florida communities get the chance to work with a first-class locally owned company, in operation since 1985, committed to performing exterior renovations for a competitive price and assuring a secure partnership with the best painting contractors of the area. Don’t wait any longer and highlight the best qualities of your home’s facade learning new tips with the specialists in exterior house painting Orlando locals trust!


Tips to Achieve a Long Lasting Exterior Paint

Learning about the preparation procedures and techniques involved in exterior painting is a recommended practice to obtain the desired final finishing you want to see on the house. It also gives you great input to align the painting team in the same direction.      


Home Makeover Systems gladly provides you with these essential tips, as a trustworthy resource, which will lead you to see exterior paint of long-lasting effects at home.


  • Do the prep work


Start by checking out the budget available, defining whether you want to hire a contractor or paint by yourself, and when you need the job completed. 


Once set, and before starting, the surfaces must be clean and dry. If not, the final results will be poor.



  • Pick the right exterior paint, considering the types of surfaces make a difference


Choosing a paint expands beyond deciding on a color palette. For a long-lasting effect, you must resolve on exterior paints that fit the area you want to paint. On certain surfaces, oil-based paint is preferable, but in other cases going with acrylic latex might be the right call. 



  • Things that improve the quality of the job


Particularly for repainting jobs using a primer as a base coat is of good practice to smooth the surface before starting the brushwork with actual paint.  


Another improvement solution is adding a layer of a protective coat over the painted surface.   



  • Things that should be avoided


Painting while the sunlight hits directly on the area make the paint dry sooner than it should, causing substantial setbacks, like unevenness and visible seams.


Don’t paint on wet surfaces because the paint won’t adhere. Hence, make sure it is always applied on dry -and clean- surfaces. 


Why Hiring Specialized Painting Contractors Works?

Interior painting is a challenging task. Exterior painting is even more consuming and physically demanding. Don’t overkill yourself with the extra workload when there’s a chance of having real professionals ready to accomplish the job, assuring a long-lasting and impeccable look you won’t regret. 


Hire Home Makeover Systems, the exterior house painting Orlando service company near you that complies with every requirement you might have.


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