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Water Purification Solutions for Your Lakeland Home

Our affordable options eliminate hard water and improve the quality of the water in your home.

Lakeland Water Purification

If hard water is causing stains on your sink, damage to your appliances, and making showering unpleasant, our Lakeland water purification solutions can help. Since 1985, Home Makeover Systems has offered the best water purification options for this area. Our top-rated products along with expert installation and exceptional customer service have earned us numerous accolades over the years along with our place as a trusted choice for many types of home improvements. We offer:

  • Lakeland Water Softeners
  • Water Purification Installation
  • Brita PRO Products
  • Other Home Remodeling Services
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Affordable Water Softeners

Clogged pipes, damaged appliances, and unpleasant odors are a few of the issues homes with hard water face. Our quality products eliminate those and other unwelcome effects. Our solutions are engineered specifically for this area, so they are the perfect choice for your Lakeland home. We have easy-to-use options that don’t require salt and are extremely affordable to operate.

Water Purification Experts

Home Makeover Systems has been helping homeowners with their hard water problems for more than 30 years. Our experience makes us ideally suited to help you choose the option that makes the most sense for your home. Plus, our professionals are highly trained and have the expertise they need to provide accurate advice as well as a flawless installation.

central florida home makeover systems
best home water filtration system in orlando fl

Count On Us for Expert Installation of Water Purification Systems

It takes an experienced team to install a water purification system that performs at optimal levels, and HMS has the decades of industry experience and skills needed to handle any job. By offering top-quality, proprietary products and timely, efficient installation services, we can provide the comprehensive guidance and support you need to improve the quality of your household water.


Enhanced Altamonte Springs Water With Softeners and Conditioners

Adding a water softener or water conditioner to your home is a wise idea, particularly if you have noticed issues with mineral build-up in your essential household systems. The team at HMS can help you find the right water softener to remove minerals that increase the hardness of water, and we can also get your new system installed quickly to avoid any disruption to your daily routine.



ant other improvements to add value and comfort to your living space? Home Makeover Systems has got you covered! Whether you want an affordable bath remodel or need to increase the energy efficiency of your property, we’re proud to offer:

  • Bath Remodeling: Our Altamonte Springs bathroom remodeling team can take your outdated space and transform it into a luxury retreat.
  • Handyman Services: Do you have a few issues to be fixed around your home? Then one of our versatile handymen can help!
  • Exterior Paint: For homeowners in Altamonte Springs, exterior paint is the ideal way to give your property a complete exterior makeover.

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