How Does Insulation Conserve Energy?

Insulation lessens the exchange of heat through a surface such as wall, attic, duct, or roof. In a home that is well-insulated, less warm air will leave the house when it is cold, and less cool air will escape during the hot summer months, cutting down on the amount of energy that is required for heating and cooling the home to regulate temperature inside. By improving the insulation in older structures, you may be able to cut down your annual heating and cooling bills by up to 20 percent! Having a home that is energy efficient is crucial in a hot climate like Florida. It can be a challenge to keep your home comfortable while also keeping utility bills in check, but quality Orlando attic insulation is here to help. Home Makeover Systems provide top-rated insulation that is able to reflect 97% of the sun’s heat, meaning a cooler home and less drain on your cooling system. Our experienced Orlando insulation contractors have the training to get the job done right. If you are looking for insulation companies Orlando residents trust, call Home Makeover Systems at our Longwood, FL office today!


Insulation Reduces Your Energy Needs


The barrier that prevents the temperatures of the inside and outside air from equalizing is the outer shell, or envelope of the house. The better insulated the walls, floors, and roof are, the less energy your heating and cooling systems have to utilize in order to warm or cool the air in your home. Due to the fact that heat rises, insulating your roof is especially key in order to keep warm air inside in cold climates. It’s also important to seal any air leaks, as even when walls are well-insulated, warm or cool air can escape through cracks and gaps around windows and doors. Drafty windows necessitate more power to heat and cool than tight homes, which is why it’s important to have routine caulking and weather-stripping to prevent air leaks. Due to the construction methods used in older homes, it’s pretty much impossible to seal the house too tightly; there will still be enough fresh air to provide good ventilation after sealing the biggest leaks. 


We Are Top Insulation Contractors


Home Makeover Systems, as one of the top insulation companies Orlando residents trust, know the importance of good insulation. In homes that have central heating and air-conditioning units that force air through a duct system, leaking duct may reduce the efficiency of your heating/air conditioning by up to a fifth of its capacity. Sealing and insulating all of the ducts in your house will allow the warm and cool air to travel where it’s supposed to go as efficiently as possible. Good insulation is even more key when the ducts travel through unfinished areas such as attics or basements. Lastly, you will want to seal the areas around the registers in order to keep air from leaking behind the wall or under the floor. 


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Home Makeover Systems is one of the top insulation companies Orlando residents trust. If you’re looking for reliable insulation contractors, call Home Makeover Systems today at our Longwood, FL office!


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