A Brief History of Home Insulation

Home Makeover Systems has provided attic insulation Orlando FL residents rely on for many years, which is why we are able to appreciate the fact that home insulation has come a long way. From mud to asbestos to spray foams, there have been many revolutions in the way that we protect our homes and families from the outside elements. Read on to learn more about the history of home insulation and how we’ve come from mud to the insulation that we have today. Home Makeover Systems are top insulation contractors in the Longwood area. Call Home Makeover Systems today for your insulation needs!


How Home Insulation Evolved


Here are the ways that insulation evolved through the ages:

  • The BC Years- Thousands of years ago in the BC era, ancient civilizations developed their own unique ways of insulating their homes- both ancient Egyptians and the Vikings utilized the cooling properties of mud. Egyptians built their homes out of bricks made out of mud in order to keep themselves cool, while Vikings plastered mud and straw in between the logs that their homes were made up of. Ancient Greeks were the first to utilize a type of insulation that’s still in use today- asbestos. This material was thought to be mystical since it was resistant to flames, so the Greeks labeled it “asbestos,” a word that means “inextinguishable.” 
  • The Middle Ages- Throughout the Middle Ages, most homes were constructed out of stone with thatched roofs, so they remained cold, damp, and drafty. In order to absorb the dampness and block the drafts, people who could afford it would hang tapestries on the walls and between doorways.
  • The Industrial Revolution- Even though you may not think of insulation when you think of the Industrial Revolution, this specific period of time popularized asbestos. Since manufacturers required steam to power their technology, they needed to move it around the building. The steam was transported through pipes in order to travel through the building, and since these pipes got very hot, the manufacturers decided to utilize asbestos in order to wrap the pipes and make them safer for workers to be around. Asbestos were also utilized in the automobile industry throughout the early 1900s.


Top Insulation Contractors

  • 1930s – 1940s- Home Makeover Systems, who provide attic insulation Orlando FL residents trust, note that fiberglass insulation was the next big revolution in home insulation. When researcher Dale Kleist tried to make a vacuum seal between two glass blocks, an accidental stream of high-pressured air turned some of the glass into thin fibers, which became the base of fiberglass insulation.
  • 1950s-1970s- Another form of insulation that became popular is cellulose. This is made out of newspaper, cardboard, straw, sawdust, or cotton, and is actually one of the earliest types of insulation. This type of insulation didn’t become popular until the 1950s, however, when a fire retardant was added to the flammable material.
  • 1980s- Polyurethane spray foam insulation was considered one of the greatest advancements in home insulation, as it was easier to incorporate in home construction because it expanded and was able to fill divots and corners


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Today, many types of insulation are used to protect a home. Home Makeover Systems provide attic insulation Orlando FL residents love. If you are looking for insulation contractors in the Longwood area, call Home Makeover Systems today!

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