Which Attic Insulation is Right For You?

Many homes, especially older homes, may have attics that aren’t insulated. If you’re in the process of updating your home, or purchasing a new home that you’re willing to invest work into, transforming your attic space can be a great choice. Turn it into a fun kid’s bedroom, play space, office space, or lounge area. All of these are great options, but insulation is a must. At Home Makeover Systems in Orlando, we are one of the best home insulation companies near me. We have experience with attic insulation Orlando, and we’d like to share with you some information on the kind of attic insulation that may be best for you.


Before You Insulate your Attic

There’s one important detail to take care of before you begin the attic insulation process. Make sure before you start with insulation, you ensure any air leaks in your attic are sealed up. These sites can disrupt the comfort and quality of your attic space if left unattended. This can include lower air quality, durability of the space, and give you energy efficiency problems. Have a specialist inspect the space first and ensure there aren’t any hidden leaks that could come back to bite you later.


Common Insulation Methods For Insulation Companies Near Me

There are several methods to insulating your attic space, but three of them are what most homeowners may be limited to when it comes to finding people to install the insulation. Let’s take a look at those:

  • Batts
    • These are large pieces of fibers and adhesive binders, either made from fiberglass or cotton. Essentially, it’s a chunk of insulation cut out and used to fill the spaces between your ceiling joists. While they’re relatively common, batts also have a handful of problems. For one, because they’re pre-cut out, they often don’t completely fit the space perfectly, meaning there are exposed sections. This means the insulation won’t be as effective.
  • Blown
    • Insulation in blown form is applied as it sounds: the insulation is in a ton of tiny pieces that are blown into the space with a hose. Fiberglass is again an option with cellulose being the alternative. Because of the nature of this insulation form, you’re unlikely to encounter gaps in the ceiling joists like you would with batts.
  • Sprayed
    • Again, it’s just as it sounds. The Insulation is sprayed onto the walls and ceiling in the form of a foam. There are also two options with sprayed insulation: open cell and closed cell. Sprayed insulation is way more expensive than blown insulation or batts, but it does offer great protection for your home’s HVAC system and ducts from external temperatures if the builders put it up in the attic. It’s significantly better if your HVAC system is anywhere but the attic, and if you’re fortunate enough for that to be the case, then there aren’t many other benefits to the cost of sprayed insulation.


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