Your Guide For Painting Your Home Exterior

Everybody knows that one of the best ways to punch up a house’s curb appeal and give it a whole new look is with a fresh paint job. Painting the exterior of your house yourself requires extensive equipment and huge amounts of time without a guarantee of a high-quality result. Hiring professional house painting services to do the job for you is usually the best way to get the result you want while saving you the headache of ladders, repairs, and other hassles- on top of which you may still need to hire professionals to fix your mistakes. Home Makeover Systems is a top provider of exterior house painting Orlando residents trust. Call Home Makeover Systems at our Longwood, FL office to make an appointment today!


Working With A Professional To Paint Your House’s Exterior


No matter if your house is wood-frame or shingle, stucco or brick, by hiring a professional like Home Makeover Systems you’ll be guaranteed knowledge, accuracy,  and efficiency. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


  • Hiring a contractor- Firstly, let’s discuss how you should look for your contractors. Many painters are able to do both interior and exterior projects. A painting contractor you hire needs to be licensed and insured. You also need to obtain a written contract that details the work that is about to be done. Go through the contract to make sure that all the details are clear such as which parts of your house’s exterior are to be painted, how long the project will take, and how the contractor will be paid. 
  • Cost- The cost estimate given should include all labor and materials. Extra detail work, such as painting intricate trim or repairing surface imperfections as part of the preparation work may raise the cost due to the extra time required.
  • The length of the project- Home Makeover Systems, who provides exterior house painting Orlando residents trust, notes that prepping and painting a house’s exterior typically takes several days, depending on the size of the house. If only minimal prep work is needed, then a single-story home can take two to three days, while a two-story house can take two to four days.


We Provide House Painting Services

  • First steps- Painters typically visit the site for a free initial consultation in order to discuss the scope of the project, which includes giving an estimate of how much it will cost along with how much time it can take to complete. 
  • During the project- The contractor will first repair holes and cracks in stucco surfaces and use wood filler to fix frame siding before applying a primer. Two coats of latex paint are almost always utilized, but certain areas such as the Northwest may apply an oil-based paint to the tannin-rich cedar or redwood exteriors in order to seal the wood better and prevent the tannin from bleeding through the primer.
  • Color considerations- Some painters will help you choose the color, while others expect homeowners to be prepared with color combinations on their own. 


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