The Ultimate Guide To Painting Your Home Exterior

Exterior house paint is like the “skin” of your residence. And who doesn’t want skin that looks its best? A fresh paint job has the power to enhance the look of your home, extend its life, and increase its value. Invest in the attractiveness of your property today to create a house that’s the star on the block. Home Makeover Systems wants to help set you in the right direction. As an Orlando house painting company, we provide practical home remodeling services that protect and improve upon the functionality of a homeowner’s humble abode. The exterior paint we offer serves as a defensive layer against outside elements and can even enhance the energy efficiency of your home. Use this how-to-guide to learn how to approach painting your home facade in an informed manner.


A Facelift for Your Façade: The Ultimate Painting Guide from a House Painting Company


So you’ve decided to enhance your home’s curb appeal. While painting the exterior of your property may seem like a straightforward process, it actually requires careful planning and close attention to detail. Whatever your motivations for wanting to repaint your house are, first consider these major things before cracking open a can of paint.


  • Do-it-Yourself House Painting or Hire a Professional Painter. Painting a home is an extensive, involved process. One of the first things you’ll need to decide is who’s going to execute your house painting project—you or a professional crew. A lot of homeowners would love to hire a professional painting company to do the heavy lifting for them because it’s the quickest route and the pros own all the tools needed to complete the job. But high estimates from contractors often persuade many into trying to do it alone. Aside from lower costs, DIY house painting also allows you to work in short increments that best fit your schedule.


  • Choosing a Color. Selecting an exterior house paint color is the most integral part of the whole project, and it could pose a small challenge for some. Are you repainting for an upcoming sale or your own satisfaction? The answer to this question will play a huge role in the paint color you pick. We recommend sticking to neutral colors to create a more stunning curb appeal. Tip: Buy paint samples in minimum 1-quart sizes to test on the sides of your home to see the colors in different lights.


  • When to Paint a House. The best time to paint your property largely depends on your geographic location. It’s best practice to keep an eye on the forecast, as temperature affects the paint curing process. The ideal time for exterior painting is between late morning and mid-afternoon. Tips: Do not paint your home if the surface is directly rained on because the paint won’t dry. Also, be aware that direct sunlight on the surface will cause the paint to dry in unattractive waves and ripples.


  • Inspect Your Home. Before you apply the first brush of paint, thoroughly inspect the condition of your house. Wash down the property, remove loose paint, fill in any minor holes and cracks, remove or cover obstructions, and fix any other major problems.


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