How to Prepare Your Home Exterior Paint

Once you’re ready to select your exterior paint colors and update your home’s look with a fresh paint job, there are some further considerations. It’s not as simple as just buying some rollers and brushes! If you want to optimize efficiency, reduce frustration, and increase the longevity of the work as far as possible, then there are certain things you should keep in mind. Exterior painting has more to it than simply coming up with the paint color schemes. Almost half of the house painting process of preparation. Prior to opening your can of paint, you should follow the steps we will discuss below in order to make sure that your exterior paint will end up looking good and will be sure to last. Of course, you could also just pay someone to do it- which is why Home Makeover Systems provides exterior house painting Orlando residents love. Call Home Makeover Systems today for exterior painting Orlando residents trust!


Exterior Painting Tips


When it comes to exterior painting, there are certain tips that you should keep in mind. 

  • Prior To Painting The House, Wash The Exterior- Before you start tackling the job of painting your home, make sure to wash your house exterior from top to bottom, all around. Renting a pressure-washer is fairly affordable for most people, and can save many hours of time and effort compared to hand washing. Straight water will get the job done well, and cleaning additives should only be used in cases of mold and other severe stains. A thorough washing means a clean surface and will assist in optimizing the adhesion of the new paint to your home. Make sure to let your home dry before moving on to step 2.
  • Scrape and Let Dry- After the house has dried thoroughly, you can scrape away any flaking paint with a standard paint scraper. It’s crucial to always give your home at least 24 hours to dry prior to tackling this step, as scraping a wet wall will make the paint flake and create more work. 
  • Caulk Before Painting- Home Makeover Systems, who provides exterior house painting Orlando residents rely on, notes that you should make sure to caulk any cracked seams between clapboards or along vertical junctions. Fill voids and cracks with caulk until it overflows, then wipe away the excess with a damp rag or towel.
  • Make Repairs First- Make sure to repair any damaged or rotted areas first before painting


Exterior Painting Orlando Residents Trust

  • Apply Primer First Before Painting- Prior to painting, prime any bare or exposed areas with an exterior-grade oil-based primer, which will help to seal the bare wood and create an air-and moisture-tight barrier between the house and your new paint job. We highly recommend a light sanding for especially rough bare spots prior to priming. 
  • Trim Nearby Plants and Trees- Make sure to landscape and trim any trees, bushes, or plants that may brush your home in order to guarantee enough space for you to work around the house without having to fight branches and thorns. This will also prevent foliage and plant life from hitting the wet paint after you’ve applied it.


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Home Makeover Systems provides exterior house painting Orlando residents trust. Call Home Makeover Systems for exterior painting Orlando loves today!

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