Expect Your Home’s Value To Jump With Exterior Painting

When considering improvements to increase your home’s value, many options are available, including a new coat of exterior house paint. Although this is true, you will find many benefits to exterior house painting (Orlando). Home Makeover Systems provides this guide to the reasons for choosing this home improvement project over numerous others.


The Value Of Exterior House Painting Orlando 

Painting your house’s exterior provides both functional and aesthetic gains, assisting you in both long-term and short-term cost and effort reduction while adding value to your home. If you’ve decided it’s time to update your home, a starting point is considering exterior house paint’s benefits.


Aesthetically Pleasing 

Upon investing in your home, you might have based aesthetic decisions on tastes that changed, or maybe you never considered changing the exterior of your house. Perhaps you are just ready to make a change. Whatever the case, a fresh exterior paint job for your home brightens its aesthetics for years.


High Return On Investment 

Although many home improvements can increase your home’s value, few offer the high return on investment that exterior painting brings. For example, your kitchen’s remodel returns about 80 percent, whereas exterior painting provides an average 141 percent return of the low initial cost. 


Appealing To Potential Buyers 

In addition to the aesthetic appeal for you, a fresh coat of paint increases curb appeal for prospective buyers. If you are considering selling your house, this is of utmost importance. The color and newness of the exterior paint job of your home can make or break first impressions.


Protects Your Home From Weather Damage

Even more than aesthetics, keeping the paint on the exterior of your home up-to-date increases its resilience in the face of snow, sleet, wind, rain, and other natural elements. These elements can damage your house if it is ill-protected, and a decent coat of paint can mitigate that damage.


Proactive Pest Inspection 

Considering the elements, homes built mainly of wood are subject to the threat of termites, and determining their presence early can prevent costly damage. Before exterior paint is applied, it is easy to also inspect your home for termites and damage, giving you a leg up on these pests.


Lengthens The Life Of Your Siding 

No matter the kind of siding your home has, it will need to be replaced regularly. A coat of paint will increase the length of those intervals, making your siding last longer and saving you money in the long run.


A Low-Cost Renovation 

Even if all of these benefits don’t appeal to you, the best endorsement is that it is relatively low-cost when considering other renovations. Often, this renovation costs under $1,000, and with all of the other advantages it offers, the value is relatively high for the cost.


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