Which Color Is The Best For Exterior House Painting Orlando Fl?

Are you thinking about painting the outside of your house? Here at Home Makeover Systems, we offer advice on which exterior house paint is right for your home. Painting the inside of your home is a little easier because you can decide on the color based on the decorations, furniture, which room it is, and more. However, the outside of your home is a whole other animal. From our experience, many homeowners struggle with exterior house painting because they are torn between colors, need a professional opinion, or simply don’t know where to start. With our advice, you will gain peace of mind about which color or colors suit your home. Every house is different, which means every homeowner must pick appropriate colors based on their house. Exterior colors can be determined through various house features, such as size, shape, and more. Your home will never look better after taking our advice because we are the best in Longwood!


Tips For Exterior House Paint

You are probably wondering what our advice is for exterior house painting. We have found that homeowners ask many questions before following through with their choice of paint, and we want to answer all of those questions with our information. We recognize that many homeowners choose lighter colors for the outside of their homes, such as white. However, more and more people are choosing bolder colors with confidence, and you can too! One of our main tips is that homes might appear smaller with darker colors, and they will appear bigger with lighter colors. Think about the small and large areas of your home and if you want to emphasize them or change their appearance. Another tip we offer homeowners is not to shy away from the color they want. In other words, if you want to paint your home blue, paint it blue! You can even paint certain parts of your home different colors. Another tip is not to overlook brilliant architecture in your home. Try contrasting colors in certain areas. 


Common Mistakes 

Even though we encourage homeowners to pick the colors, they want when exterior house painting, there are a few common mistakes that homeowners fall into if they are not careful. Here are the mistakes: 

  • Think about your landscape and make sure your home matches the nearby trees and flowers. 
  • If you live in a neighborhood, make sure your home doesn’t drastically clash.  
  • Don’t paint your spouts or gutters. These are things homeowners should try to hide! 
  • Do not paint the outside of your home too many colors.


Listen To Professionals 

We love it when homeowners are excited to paint the outside of their houses. However, it’s important to take our advice and listen to professionals when it comes to dos and don’ts of painting. Plus, if you have a hard time deciding on the colors, the professional opinion is always best. We won’t let you down! 


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Home Makeover Systems are professionals who care about your exterior house paint. We want you to live in the home of your dreams and feel confident in the color you choose to paint your house. Make sure to call or visit us today in Longwood for more advice and information. 

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