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Why Climaguard Is The Best Choice For Exterior Home Paint

The Orlando area has a climate that makes it different from other regions. It’s always warm, and it’s more prone to storms and hurricanes than many other places. That’s where Home Makeover Systems comes in. We are an exterior house painting Orlando business that has been serving the community for over thirty-five years with our Florida-tailored paint product. Our dedicated service has merited us A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, and that service is what your home needs. 


Our Climaguard Is Perfect For Florida’s Climate


When it comes to getting your home exterior painted, you have a lot of options. None of them, however, is better than the climaguard. This exterior painting formula is made specifically for Florida’s climate. Since our climate is so unique it can put a strain on other home exterior paints. Florida’s heat, humidity, storms, wind, and other natural features can weather down paints, chipping, cracking, and staining paint. Our formula preserves against this. There are several steps in applying our formula, which begins with using Activox. This is an environmentally friendly product that kills mildew and mold, while also removing oil, dirt, and other grime. After this, we pressure wash the entire exterior of the home, which prepares any surface damage for the next step. We apply a bond coat to seal against moisture and provide a solid surface; after this is done, we use a coat of primer to seal crack repairs and block against staining. The final step is applying a cool coat that reflects the heat away from your home. This coat is available in several different colors, so be sure to check our website to see the various options. 


The Benefits


There are several benefits to using our process. It ensures the absolute maximum in protection against moisture. This helps to prevent Florida’s humidity from damaging your paint job. Not only does our state often get very humid, but it’s also hot a fair amount of days of the year. Anything that can help control the interior temperature of your home is a welcome benefit, and our cool coat is good at doing just that. You will also have a 22 mil layer of protection against wind and weather, which helps prevent cracks, chips, and stains better than the standard one mil layer. This durable layer is one of the assets we are proudest of, and one we believe makes us the best exterior house painting Orlando has. 


The Guarantee

We feature a 30-year warranty on your paint job to make sure that you get the most out of your money. It’s our goal to see beautiful homes all across Florida, and we hope that this warranty helps in that task. 


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Climaguard is the best exterior house painting Orlando services can offer. It uniquely protects home exterior paint against Florida’s climate while also providing beautiful color. To get a free quote for our services, click here or call 407-499-8941. 


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