5 Important Facts About Water Filtration Systems

Is your stomach making weird twists and loud growling noises? Do you feel gassy all of the time, despite following a balanced eating diet? It’s time to take action in the matter and fix the source causing the embarrassing problems. It’s quite simple! Just get a tap water filtration system. Home Makeover Systems is the leader water solutions supplier, that’s renowned by customers as the specialist in water treatment Orlando locals trust. The company has been servicing the residents of central Florida with top quality solutions since 1985, earning a unique spot as the seller of the best water purifier in the area. Make up your mind and buy a water treatment system by learning five facts about the importance of home water filtration.  


Five Facts About Water Filtration Systems You Should Know

If you haven’t installed a home water treatment system and continue to rely on bottled water as the main home supply for filtered water, you need to learn about these impressive five facts that can make you change your mind.

  • Water filtration is more sustainable than bottled water process. Filtered water is obtained by circulating the fluid through an adsorbent bed that captures sediments and other contaminants. A single liter of produced bottled water requires the use of 3 liters of water, plus a significant number of plastic vases to store the product. As you can see, unlike bottled water, the filtration process doesn’t imply wastes. The only extra water demand is to clean the filter. 


  • Filtered water offers better quality. Some bottled water companies limit their services to contain tap water in a plastic vases without performing an additional treatment. This means that by default, you’re consuming direct tap water plus the main carbon-based component found in the plastic bottle (Bisphenol A). Needless to say, filtered water assures a certified water quality.  


  • Bottling water is costly. Do a quick calculation of how much you spend on a year’s supply of bottled water? See how expensive it’s!


  • Water filtration saves money. Compare the investment cost of a filtration system plus the limiteless supply you’d be receiving versus the actual costs of bottled water.


  • Low-cost maintenance fees. Filters and water pitchers are easy to clean and cheap to replace. 


Buy the Best Water Purifier in the Market

Water protects your body. It helps in hydration, waste removal, improves the digestive process, aids cognitive functions, and so much more. 


Assure you’re drinking great quality water and buy a tap water purifier with the assistance of Home Makeover System, the specialist in water treatment Orlando locals trust.   


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