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Many wonder if insulating their attic is worth it or not. Some live in warmer climates and don’t think their home could benefit from the process, while others reside in colder places but are worried about the cost. The truth is, everyone can benefit from having insulation installed in their home. Insulation works to keep your house cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter, evidently saving you money all year long. While this is a project that you and the family could tackle together over a long weekend or school vacation, having a professional install your insulation ensures the job is done right. If you’re in or around the Orlando area, you can get the best insulation for attics right here at Home Makeover Systems. Our pros can help you with all your insulation needs and more! 


The 411 On The Best Insulation For Attics 


The best insulation for your attic depends on a few things – your budget, project time frame, and the condition of your attic. For the actual insulation, two types you can choose from are loose-fill or batt. Loose-fill is insulation fibers that are put in bags. This fill can be poured into place and spread manually, or pushed into place by a blowing feature that utilizes a special type of machinery. This type of insulation works best for attics that lack headroom, where insulation already exists, with lots of obstructions to work around, or with irregular joist spacing. It is also a quicker process than other insulation installs.

Batts is a flexible insulation material that is packaged in rolls that come in a variety of sizes. It is installed between the joists or studs in the framing of your home. Each roll has a paper or foil facing that is used as a vapor barrier. This material allows you to use multiple layers to reach the level of insulation you desire. Batts work best for attics without insulation that has standard joist spacing, few obstructions, and sufficient headroom. 

If you’re considering doing this job yourself, you’ll need a little patience and a few helping hands. However, you may be sure you want a professional touch. If that’s the case, and you’re tired of Googling “attic insulation Orlando FL,” we at Home Makeover Systems can help!


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If you are looking for exceptional attic insulation in Orlando FL, you’ve come to the right place! At Home Makeover Systems, we are locally owned with 35 years of experience in our belt. When you live in the sunshine state, having an energy-efficient home is essential to keeping your utility bills down. We offer Super Attic Shield, reflective insulation, and blown-in insulation, giving you a variety of options to pick from so you can make the right choice for your home. 


Home Makeover Systems Professional Insulation 


The type of insulation we use reflects 97% of heat the sun produces, which will leave you with a cooler home and put less stress on your cooling system. We are equipped with the training and experience necessary to handle all your insulation needs. Our commitment to imparting you with the best customer service is unmatched, which is why we’ve received A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Stop looking for other “attic insulation Orlando FL” companies. It doesn’t get better than us here at Home Makeover Systems!


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Your search for “attic insulation Orlando Fl” has ended. The best insulation for attics is right here at Home Makeover Systems. If you are in the Orlando area, our company can provide you with affordable, quality insulation. So, no more hesitating, call us today! 

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