Is Home Insulation Dangerous For Your Health ?

One has to wonder: why are there so many pictures of people eating fiberglass insulation on the internet? Everyone knows working with fiberglass requires taking precautions, often protective clothing and eyewear, especially with jobs in enclosed spaces, like an attic insulation installation. But what if you’re looking for more than a meal? What if you’re just tired of running your HVAC system all the time and want a change? Looking through the list of insulation companies Orlando offers can be overwhelming, but one stands out: Home Makeover Systems. Advancements in home insulation technology may not be something you think about very often, but we do.


The Changing Face (And Color) Of Home Insulation


As far back as ancient Egypt, artisans were weaving glass into coarse fibers. It had numerous uses and it became a highly sought after item in the ancient world. In 1932, a researcher named Dale Kleist accidentally discovered modern fiberglass as he was attempting to create a vacuum-tight seal between two glass blocks. When a jet of high-pressure air turned a stream of molten glass into thin fibers, Kleist realized he’d created something of immeasurable value. Fiberglass came to be used for everything from clothing to boat hulls, fishing rods to automobile bodies.


Over time, as its use as a home insulation exploded, the hazards of using fiberglass became more clear. A complicated panoply of health concerns, from skin irritation to respiratory distress, were observed by doctors and a new question emerged: is there a better alternative? While many insulation companies Orlando has to offer still only install only the gritty, aged blow-in insulation for your home and attic, Home Makeover Systems leads the pack in offering new, safer, and more effective insulation technologies.


If You Need A Home Or Attic Insulation Installation, Get The Best


What do these better options look like? They come in two categories:



  • Reflective insulation: Reflective insulation is generally made from aluminized polyester or aluminium foil, with a middle layer made of foam. Because reflective insulation doesn’t deteriorate over time and contains no toxic materials or carcinogens, it’s safe for both your family and the planet. It more effectively repels the elements and rarely needs to be replaced, saving time and money.
  • Super Attic Shield: Let’s face it: Florida is really, really hot. The Super Attic Shield is a full-attic installation utilizing radiant technology to reflect 97% of the sun’s heat in the summer, while trapping heat in the winter to keep your home comfortable all the time. If you currently have blown-in insulation, the Super Attic Shield can be installed right on top, avoiding the mess and extra expense of removing old insulation first.



When you’re looking for the best insulation companies Orlando has to offer, Home Makeover Systems stands out as a leader in technology, safety, and savings. Stop air conditioning the whole neighborhood and use your home energy savings to treat your family to a much-needed vacation.


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