How To Insulate Your Attic

Whether you’re trying to keep your home warm during the winter or cold during the summer, having a properly insulated attic is one of the most reliable ways of getting there. Many people who try to insulate an attic by themselves will end up doing it incorrectly, which could have adverse effects on the efficiency of your home. If you want to ensure your project is completed successfully, you’ll need an attic insulation company Orlando locals know and love. 


Insulating a Finished vs. Unfinished Attic


When it comes to getting your attic insulated, there will be two main ways of doing so. Which method you end up doing it will depend on whether you have a finished attic or an unfinished attic. This is one of the first things a professional will look for; that way, they can accurately organize the next steps. 


If you are dealing with a finished attic, meaning you have drywall or other finishing material on the walls and ceiling, then you’ll have to apply insulation around the entire room. This will help protect the air inside from being affected by the air outside. 


Once you wrap the insulation around both the ceiling and walls, you’ll want to also insulate the space behind the drywall. This will typically involve running a strip of insulation from the top of the rafters down to the bottom of the attic. 


If you’re dealing with an unfinished attic, you’ll have to first prepare the attic to be insulated. This will involve caulking up any holes or spaces where air can flow from the attic into the rooms underneath. You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t any uncovered wires or boxes. 


You’ll put the insulation in between the ceiling joists and rafters. You can either use blanket insulation or loose insulation — or even a mixture of both!


How Can a Professional Attic Insulation Company Help?


Preparing and installing your insulation is best done by a professional. Since Florida sees unique weather year-round with a mixture of heat and moisture, you’ll want to find attic insulation Orlando locals trust — that way you know the job gets done right the first time. 


Not only will they know how to install your attic correctly, but they’ll do all the hard work, so you don’t have to risk any injuries to yourself or damage to your property. They’ll make sure no steps get missed in the process and will ensure your home remains efficient year-round. 


You Need Attic Insulation Orlando Locals Trust!


Having an insulated attic is essential to those hoping to keep their house at a controllable temperature. When you have to fight with your HVAC unit to keep your home comfortable, it will lead to an increase in utility rates and frustration. Whether you’re building a new house, renovating an existing one, or merely wondering the condition your insulation is in, you’ll want to call professional attic insulation Orlando locals rely on. 


If you require help, you can contact Home Makeover Systems for a team of professionals ready to insulate your attic properly. It doesn’t matter if you have a finished or unfinished attic, we’ll get the job done right. Contact us today if you need an attic insulation company Orlando residents have trusted for over 25 years. 

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