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Home Makeover Systems Provides Brita Pro Water Purification Systems To The Needs Of Florida Homeowners Since 1986.


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Those classic Brita water-filtration pitchers have been standard on the kitchen counters of many homes for decades now. They have made the Brita name synonymous with ready-to-consume, non-chlorinated drinking water. It’s an instantly recognizable name.

The father-and-son team of Al and Alex Moses have worked in water filtration for more than 35 years. Their impressive knowledge of Florida’s unique water issues and credible track record made them the first choice when Brita was looking for a master distributor to sell and install the reputable company’s first whole-home filtration system.

“Most people don’t know Brita developed a whole-home system and are excited about the concept,” says Alex. “These systems remove chlorine, hardness, pharmaceuticals, and more. Our goal is to provide safe, quality water accessible from every faucet in your home – water you can drink straight from the faucet that tastes pure and delicious.”

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After a quick water analysis in your home, your new Brita Pro system can usually be installed within one business day. A professional installer will have your system up and running in less than two hours. Best of all, the Brita Pro system boasts a lifetime warranty that is transferable if the property changes ownership.

There are so many benefits to having a Brita Pro system. Alex says homeowners often report smoother skin and even improved eczema symptoms.

“Eliminating chlorine from your drinking and bathing water is so important for good health,” Alex says. “When I started in this business 30 years ago, I was selling a product that people didn’t really know
that they needed.

People understand the importance of clean water, and we are happy to provide them with the most advanced whole-home water filtration system on the market.” Al’s grandson Brett recently joined the team to make it a three-generation family-run business.


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